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The digital switch over refers to the process of the elimination of the existing analogue TV broadcasts and replacing them with digital broadcasts. The digital TV switchover means that almost every household will be able to receive digital TV through a digital aerial (FreeView aerial) instead of using a satellite or cable system.


Digital TV offers numerous new ways to enjoy your Television broadcasts. A vastly larger choice of TV channels with on-screen listings, interactive TV, audio description and subtitles for people with visual and audio impairments. Additional channels and services including premium channels (e.g. News, Movies, Sports), pay per view, Internet broadband and Telephone Communications. Analogue broadcasts in the UK tend to be 5 channels

TV amongst lots of other things broadcast analogue radio waves which take up a lot of airspace, Digital radio waves use a lot less airspace and therefore means after the switchover, there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and High Definition Television (HDTV).


No, you don't need to get a new TV as almost any TV can be converted with a digital receiver box, even black and white ones and televisions without scart sockets. Most new LCD /Plasma Televisions have built in FreeView and have the option to scan for either analogue or digital broadcasts.

If your television is not the flat screen type then you can still receive digital FreeView broadcasts. Your television would to have either a Scart, HDMI or RF Aerial input. Unfortunately if your television does not have either of these inputs it will be impossible to convert to digital. Nearly all digital boxes come with a scart socket, so make sure you check if you television has one. If your TV was made after 1996 it should have a scart socket. If your TV is without a scart socket, you can purchase a digital receiver box that connects to the RF input socket (aerial socket) on your television.

Currently high street supermarkets are selling these digital receiver boxes for from £12.99 onwards. An electrical retailer will be able to advise further on your options, you must ensure that the box has an RF Modulator which means it will work without a Scart connection. A - Z of glossary terms, acronyms & abbreviations - some commonly used terms relating to digital TV and home entertainment can be found in our Glossary.